We simply love chocolate!

A family run business

Our story doesn’t actually start off with chocolate, it starts with Ice cream! Strange right? In 1979 we, a small tight knit family, started creating ice cream and frozen desserts for the catering trade, as the years went by and our innovation and knowledge in product development increased we started using more and more chocolate… one thing lead to another, and our love for working with chocolate, and of course eating it lead to Chocolate Treats being founded in 2010.

We take great pride in using the finest quality chocolate which has been sourced from all corners of the world and flavour them using natural oils to give the chocolate a natural and delicious taste. Of course we strive to excel in the personalised aspect of the chocolate also. We offer a wide range of wrapper and print colours and aim to produce the best quality print, we want your chocolates to reach your customers and have an impact on them, leaving them to remember your brand.

Our Values